Gary L. Moore 
Operations Management / Current Secret Clearance / Security+ Certified / AV Multimedia / Video Conferencing
• Current Secret Security Clearance
• Comptia Security+ Certified
• 20+ Years of experience in Event Operations Management, Presentations, AV Equipment and                                      Video Teleconferencing
• Experience in Computers and AV equipment, maintenance, testing, repairs, troubleshooting
      and management
• Through knowledge of Tandberg, Cisco and Polycom Video Conferencing equipment
• Experience running Video Conferencing in both unsecure and secure environments
• Knowledge of H.320, H.323 H.264 and SIP videoconferencing standards
• Knowledge of End Point Management
• Experience in supporting and troubleshooting AMX and Cisco AV/VC devices – Cisco SX20 / C40 /
     C60 / SX80, MX Series, Crestron, LCDs, Projectors etc.
• Expert in Adobe Photoshop , Illustrator and the Adobe Creative Suite
• Production support: Audio recording, production and media management of audio files
• Video recording, production and media management for video files
Global Knowledge: 
Assistant Program Manager
October 2018 - Present  / Wachernheim Germany 
• Manage the US Army in Europe IT Training (AEITT) Program including the successful delivery of all IT training                  program deliverables. 
• Work closely with Program Managers, Product Managers, Curriculum Development, National / Federal Account         Executives, Outside Contractors / Vendors, Subject Matter Experts, US / International Operations, and Sales               Support. 
• Focus on overall client / program satisfaction 
• Program Scope Management and QA / Continuous Process Improvement 
• Established status reporting system to track program progress to completion. 
• Track and report on training issues at the individual sites and program level to ensure issues are identified,                       communicated and resolved in a timely and effective manner to keep the program on track. 
• Identify and manage risk associated to the program success, determine the probability of occurrences, identify the         potential impacts, and determine the appropriate mitigation strategy and contingency plans. 

US Department of Defense 
Visual Information Specialist: Multimedia, Video Conferencing, Protocol, Public Affairs
November 2017 - October 2018 / Fort McCoy, Wisconsin - McAlester, Oklahoma - Balad, Iraq - Ramstein Air Base, Germany
Ramstein Air Base - Provided Event and Conference Operations Management including Audio Video equipment setup and Conference Room Operations, Presentations, Video Conferencing and Graphic Design in support of the Commander of United States Air Forces in Europe and Africa (USAFE-AFAFRICA). Scheduled, set up and facilitated video teleconferences for Headquarters Command Staff and USAFE-AFAFRICA sponsored customers to connect with dignitaries, ranking members of government and outlying bases. Create graphic designs in support of the USAFE-AFAFRICA Command and related Headquarters events. Maintain all Audio Video and VTC equipment providing maintenance of computer and presentation systems / equipment. Perform equipment management duties as primary equipment custodian for USAFEAFAFRICA/CSR with quarterly overview of CA/CRL. 
•Recognized by the White House Communications Agency for providing superior VTC service allowing the First Lady      Communication Officer for Michelle Obama to keep in constant contact with the White House during the First                Lady's visit to Ramstein AB, Germany 
•Recognized by the current Chief of Staff of the Air Force for support of the USAFE Commander, USAFE Vice                  Commander, Air Force GO level officers, enlisted and NATO members 
•Directly supported Gen Wolters, Gen Gorence, Gen Welsh, Gen Brady, Gen Breedlove, Lt Gen Jones, Lt Gen            Muller, Congressional and Senate members. 
•Mapped out a plan to rewire and redesign the Tunner Conference booth for greater flexibility in our operations.             Also redesigned the Commanders personal conference room during the remodeling of headquarters bldg 201. 
•Worked to ensure a high level of continued operation during an extended time nearly 1 year of under manning,            and without a supervisor. 
•Provided technical support to multiple VTC sites at various locations around Europe. 
Fort McCoy - Worked in online interactive content development, I have expert knowledge in sophisticated audiovisual equipment to include video and audio recorders, microphones, switchers, digital and analog audio systems. I designed and developed course-training materials for online use as well as both digital and analog distribution media. 
McAlester Army Ammunition Plant (MCAAP) By upgrading the strategic visual communications capabilities of our installation to meet the demands of today's changing information environment, I directed the technical and managerial aspects of the transition. As the primary Visual Information Specialist I provided all audio and visual information (VI) products and services required by the installation and tenant organizations. I Administered, monitored, and evaluated operating expenditures, I prepared future operating budget estimates. 
•Coordinated the design and installation of a base-wide visual communications system allowing the commander to         disseminate information as video, audio, or presentation in real time base wide 
•Shot over 2,500 Photographs covering base operations, VIP tours, ceremonies and equipment •Initiated and lead       the redesign of the base newspaper, 
Balad - As the commands Public Affairs Specialist & Senior Visual Information Specialist in the 402nd Army Field Support Brigade (AFSB) Public Affairs Office, I provided staff oversight of AFSB media relations and community relations efforts within the command. I developed comprehensive command public information media relations and community relations programs to convey information and policy concerning AFSB to soldiers, department of defense civilians and contractors serving the Brigade Headquarters. 
•Established and maintained working relationships with members of the Joint Base Balad field offices, and                        specialized groups interested in AFSB war fighting programs 
•Operated VTCs and developed digital graphics projects for the AFSB 

US Army Reserve 
Multimedia Illustrator 
November 2007 - July 2010 / 84th TC (Tomah, Wisconsin), 7th CSC (Kaiserslautern, Germany) 
7th Civil Support Command (CSC) - Served as a graphic artist in support of the 7th CSC Command Staff. Went through training to be a broadcaster based on my knowledge and background in video editing. 
•Designed the pamphlets, online graphics and other art work for the 7th CSC formal ball 
•Designed the graphics materials used in the 7th CSC "Guardian Shield" training exercise 
•Built the 7th CSC Commanders "Blue Book", an informational guild for the entire command 
•Designed multiple graphics projects for the 7th CSC and 21st TSC Page 3 of 7 
•Shot over 200+ photos for the 7th CSC in support of training, operations and recognition events
84th Training Command (TC) - Expert knowledge in the operation of sophisticated audiovisual equipment to include video and audio recorders, microphones, switchers, digital and analog audio systems. Designed and developed course-training materials for online use as well as distribution media. Expert in performing a variety of duties associated with video productions: 
•Enhanced online courseware for the Army's Basic Unit Movement Course (BUMC) 
•Significantly upgraded the online courseware for the Army's retention information, and training course 
Visual Aids Electronics 
Operations Manager      
March 2007 - November 2007 (9 months) Springfield, Illinois 
As the Operations Manager, I provided setup and layout of large-scale audio/ video productions with dynamic set productions. Personally trained new employees in set designs as well as repair of audio/video equipment. I worked with employees to create a calm and cooperative work environment. Integrity, experience and education helped me achieve excellent customer service. 
•Setup, operated, and synchronized conferences for the Governor of Illinois 
•Supervised major conferences for “American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees” (AFSCME) 
•Lead technician for major speaking engagements to include Chris Gardner (Award winning author of The Pursuit of        Happiness) 
•Setup, operated, and synchronized lighting for major conferences in Springfield, IL and Lexington, KY

US Air Force 
Visual Information Specialist: Multimedia, Video Conferencing, Public Affairs 
January 2002 - March 2007 / Hampton,Virginia - Spangdahlem,Germany - Baghdad & Balad, Iraq 
Distinguished as the lead multimedia designer at Langley Air Force Base, my body of work during my time in the Air Force has included graphic design, photography, video editing, presentations, and video teleconferencing. I completed projects for all levels of command to include the ACC Commander, General Hornberg and requests from the Pentagon. In Iraq, I created and expanded the online communication capabilities of our Public Affairs and Visual Information offices by building a sustainable and updatable online portal for all in country and external personnel to find current operations information. 
•Shift leader for video editing team in Operation Iraqi Freedom - 421st FW, Balad, Iraq 
•Designed the “Comm that got Saddam” coin for the 442nd AEG Communications while serving in Baghdad, Iraq 
•Facilitated 50+ VTCs for Group Leaders up through Senior Line Executives 
•Operated as the Langley AFB “Multimedia Non Commissioned Officer in Charge” (NCOIC) 
•Designed and operated the presentations for the Airmen and NCO of the Year awards in 2002, for which I                   received a special 4 star Generals Coin handed out only on that day 
•Constructed nine display boards, and self teaching lecture aids for 1st MDS Hinman Table Clinic Seminar, earning         a personal award from the Medical Group Commander 
•Created information package for 1st LRS for an Air Force wide competition, this earned LRS national nomination as        "Best Fuels Flight in the Air Force", I received a personal award from LRS Commander for helping the unit achieve          high acclaim 
•Directly supported over 1,500 coalition personnel in Operation Iraqi Freedom with two OIF tours 

US Army 
Training Instructor 
April 1998 - September 2001 / Hohenfels, Germany 
Moving quickly from an entry-level driver position, to Track Commander for the Battalion XO, I distinguished myself as an expert trainer. Proving my worth as a professional, promotion to shift leader of the base Regimental Tactical Operations Center was rapid. Controlling over 250 troops during each training cycle I was also in charge of the safety and welfare of each. Hard work earned me distinction as a top-notch trainer. Directly involved in training over 2250 military personnel. 
•Distinguished as an excellent driver, earning the Army’s “Expert Drivers Badge” for tracked vehicles 
•Moved quickly from track commander to RTOC shift leader 
•Lead troops as a team leader and later as squad leader 
•Ran missions as commander of a five vehicle attack force that included three armored personnel carriers and two           tanks 
•Chosen to lead in a two-man team for special training operations 

Indiana Air National Guard 
Graphic Artist 
November 1995 - April 1998 / 181st TFW, Terre Haute, Indiana 
•Created various office productions, Brochures, Book Covers, Assisted Photographers in Monthly drill duties.
Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) Certification, Video teleconferencing · (2011 - 2011)
Airman Leadership School Management · (2005 - 2005) 
Department of Defense Information School Certification, Advanced Imagery · (2002 - 2002) 
Department of Defense Information School Certification, Graphic Design · (1996 - 1996) 
Indiana Vocational Technical School Certification, Computer Aided Drafting · (1994 - 1994)
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