Gary L. Moore 
Operations Management / Audio Video / Video Conferencing / Graphic Design / Training Operations / Multimedia
Seasoned Manager in Video Conferencing and Audio Video Operations.
Unique background that combines Audio Video, IT and VTC with "Big Picture" operational
understanding. Over 20 Years of experience in Video Conferencing / Audio Video Operations, Presentations, Protocol and Public Relations with a proficiency in customer service, AV equipment installation, maintenance, testing, troubleshooting and repairs.

● Background in secure and unsecure operational environments
● CompTIA Security+ Certified (DoD 8570 Compliant)
● Experience with CMS, TMS and VCS
● Experience with Crestron, Cisco, AMX, Polycom and Tandberg systems
● Understanding of Zoom, Skype for Business and Live Streaming
● Knowledge of E.164, H.320, H.323 H.264, SIP, Gatekeepers and Endpoints
● Virtuoso in Adobe Photoshop , Illustrator and the Adobe Creative Suite
● Accustomed to working with the highest levels of military and civilian leadership
● Knowledge in CAD, Wiring Diagrams and Schematics
● Experience in PITCO
● Installation, testing and troubleshooting of AV systems which includes displays, projectors, video conferencing equipment and conference room control systems
● Understanding and interpreting of both architectural and electrical schematics
● Demonstrated experience in operation and configuration of audio-visual and conference room systems
● Desktop Support and Database Administration


ITility (Aug 2020 - Present)
Communications Engineer
USAFE-AFAFRICA HQ, Ramstein, Germany (Aug 2020 - Present)
Operate and maintain VTC infrastructure operations, USAFE/AFAFRICA HQ, Ramstein
Provide USAFE-AFAFRICA-wide troubleshooting and operations support for USAFE-AFAFRICA VTC personnel, hardware and software assets within the United States European Command (EUCOM) and United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) arenas.
Act as the focal point for the USAFE-AFAFRICA VTC network, and for the day-to-day USAFE AFAFRICA VTC network operations, scheduling and troubleshooting.
Operate and maintain the USAFE-AFAFRICA VOC virtual servers used to support USAFE AFAFRICA VOC infrastructure applications
Update and upgrade VTC infrastructure software and firmware, and ensure proper network connections and integrity between enterprise and end-point devices, and software clients
M.C. Dean (Nov 2019 - Aug 2020)
Anistar Technologies (SUB for M.C. Dean Nov '19-Mar '20)
AV / VTC Technician
Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany (Nov 2019 - Aug 2020)
AV and Network equipment installation, Patch Barracks, Stuttgart 
Initial build, PITCO, intallation and wiring for all AV/VTC equipment in 6 conference rooms and 50+ offices
General supervision of installation teams and communication with project managers
Configure DSP's and load/modify AV control system code as necessary
Installed 24 Network switches, including racking, cabling and SP installation.
Desktop setup for 20 thin client workstations
Global Knowledge:  (Oct 2018 - Nov 2019)
Training Site Manager
Kleber Kaserne, Kaiserslautern, Germany (Aug 2019 - Nov 2019)
Operations Management of the US Army IT training facilities covering seven military installations, and students from multiple countries throughout Europe. 
Learning Management System (LMS) Database Administration 
Desktop Support with break/fix and tier-2 support activities for 34 training and testing computers
Assistant Program Manager 
McCully Barracks, Wackernheim, Germany (Oct 2018 - Aug 2019)
Oversaw the development and initial start-up of the US Army IT Training Program
Managed the setup of 5 training sites leading to the successful operation of 150 initial IT classes training  more         than 1300 personnel to test for certification
Formulated Performance Work Statements (PWSs), SOPs, specifications and other technical documents
Traveled to field locations as required to provide IT and hardware support

US Department of Defense: (Nov 2007 - Oct 2018) 
Visual Information Specialist (GS-1084)
USAFE-AFAFRICA/CSR, Ramstein Air Base, Germany (Jan 2010 - Oct 2018)
Event and Conference Operations Management in support of the Commander of United States Air Forces in Europe and Africa, NATO, dignitaries and ranking members of government
Diagnosed difficult and complex hardware, software, network and system problems throughout Europe 
Installed, configured, maintained, and provided break/fix support for projectors, displays, microphones,                 speakers, cameras, and other audio/video equipment in HQ conference rooms, offices, and field locations 
Performed equipment management duties as primary equipment custodian for USAFE/AFAFRICA/CSR with           quarterly overview of CA/CRL achieving a 100% yearly inspection pass rate for 8 years
84th TC, Fort McCoy, Wisconsin (Nov 2007 - May 2008 ) (Mar 2009 - Jan 2010)
Developed interactive online training content for the US Army Reserve Command, allowing for training in various subjects and in any location to over 800,000 personnel
Designed and developed interactive course training materials for online use in both digital and analog                     distribution media
Supported the US Army Reserve Training Center's primary conference room, providing all AV/VC operations           for over 50 staff members and hundreds of distance learning classes
402nd AFSB, Balad, Iraq (Dec 2008 - Mar 2009)
Operated as both the Command Public Affairs Officer & Senior Visual Information Manager
Developed comprehensive command public information media relations and community relations programs to         convey information and policy to soldiers, department of defense civilians and contractors
Provided all AV/VTC operations for the AFSB Headquarters Commander allowing for clear communications           with State side units critical to real world operations
MCAAP, McAlester, Oklahoma ( May 2008 - Dec 2008)
Visual Information Supervisor for the MCAAP Headquarters in charge of all VTC, Multimedia and Photography
Provided all AV/VTC operations for over 40 staff members and the Headquarters Commander including:                 installation, testing, operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of hardware and software systems 
Designed and directed the technical and managerial aspects of the installation of a strategic visual                             communications system for the installation, allowing the commander to disseminate information in video,                   audio, or presentation format, in real time, base wide

US Army Reserve: (Nov 2007 - July 2011) 
Multimedia Specialist (25M)
7th CSC, Kaiserslautern, Germany (Jan 2010 - July 2011)
Multimedia Specialist and Broadcaster in support of the 7th CSC Command Staff
Designed the graphic materials used in the 7th CSC "Guardian Shield" training exercise, giving the training a           real “feel” and providing the soldiers with better training
Shot over 200+ photos for the 7th CSC in support of training and operations 
84th TC, Tomah, Wisconsin (Nov 2007 - Jan 2010)
Developed interactive online training content for the US Army Reserve Command
Designed and developed course training materials for online use in both digital and analog distribution media
Significantly upgraded the online courseware for the Army's retention information course and the Basic Unit             Movement Course (BUMC) preparing over 800,000 personnel for real world operations
Visual Aids Electronics: (Mar 2007 - Nov 2007) 
Operations Manager      
Crown Plaza, Springfield. Illinois 
Managed all AV operations, lighting, rigging and gaffing of large-scale productions, VIP speaking engagements and trade shows.
Provided setup and layout of over 50 large-scale audio/video productions with dynamic set designs that                 excited and engaged crowds
Diagnosed difficult and complex hardware, software and audio video system problems pertinent to a wide               variety of stage shows, conferences and trade shows
Setup, operated, and synchronized conferences for the Governor of Illinois, “American Federation of State,             County and Municipal Employees” (AFSCME) and major speaking engagements to include Chris Gardner               (Award winning author of The Pursuit of Happiness)

United States Air Force: (Jan 2002 - Mar 2007) 
Visual Information Specialist (3V0X1) 
Directly supported over 1,500 coalition personnel in Operation Iraqi Freedom with two OIF tours
332d AEW, Balad, Iraq (May 2006 - Sep 2006)
Shift leader for weapons system video editing team in Operation Iraqi Freedom supporting the 421st FS and various units including UAVs
Edited over 1000 hours of video footage for presentation and commander's decision planning involving direct         combat actions
Facilitated 50+ video conferences for Group Leaders up through Senior Line Executives
52nd CS/Multimedia Center, Spangdahlem Air Base (Aug 2004 - Mar 2007)
Lead Multimedia Designer including graphic design, presentations, and video conferencing
Restored over 250 photos from US Army Air Corp operations in World War II giving the unit back a piece of           lost history. These are now displayed in the museum on base
Setup and operated presentations and multimedia for all Base Commander briefings and functions allowing for       more effective destination of information to the base populous
Facilitated all VTCs for the Wing Commander including maintaining the commanders conference room and               monitoring the performance, capacity, availability, serviceability, and recoverability of VTC equipment.
442nd AEG, Baghdad, Iraq (Oct 2003 - Apr 2004)
Primary Visual Information Specialist, Public Affairs Support and Combat Camera Support
Created and expanded the online communication capabilities of our Public Affairs and Visual Information                 offices by building a sustainable and updatable online portal for all in country and external personnel to find           current operations information.
Assisted Combat Camera in field operations and documenting warfighter efforts in the Camp Victory / Camp         Sather area of operations prior to it becoming (The Green Zone)
Provided Multimedia products to various units in the AOR including coin designs, unit moral products and                 information products for internal and field use
1st CS/Multimedia Center, Langley Air Force Base, Virginia (Jan 2002 - Aug 2004)
Lead Multimedia Designer including graphic design, photography and presentations
Completed projects for all levels of command to include the ACC Commander, General Hornberg and requests       from the Pentagon 
Conducted the installation, testing, operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of hardware and software             systems for multimedia and audio video operations
Constructed 9 large-scale display boards, and self teaching lecture aids for 1st MDS Hinman Table Clinic               Seminar, earning a personal award from the Medical Group Commander
Created an information package for 1st LRS for an Air Force wide competition, this earned 1st LRS a national           nomination as "Best Fuels Flight in the Air Force" receiving a personal award from the LRS Commander for                 helping the unit achieve such high acclaim

US Army: (Apr 1998 - Sept 2001) 
Infantry (11B)
1st Battalion (OPFOR), 4th Infantry Regiment, Hohenfels, Germany
Maneuver Tactics Trainer, Combat Driver, Track Commander and RTOC Shift Leader
• Moved quickly from an entry-level driver position, to Track Commander for the Battalion XO, Becoming                   distinguished as an expert trainer.
• Promoted to shift leader of the base Regimental Tactical Operations Center where I controlled over 250 troops         during each training cycle and looked after the safety and welfare of each soldier
• Directly involved in training over 2250 military personnel.
• Distinguished as an excellent driver, earning the Army’s “Expert Drivers Badge” for tracked vehicles
• Lead troops as a team leader and later as squad leader allowing me to run missions as commander of a five           vehicle “attack force” that included three armored personnel carriers and two tanks and eventually chosen to           lead a two-man team for special training operations
Security CE+ (501) Certification 08/2019
LinkedIn Training 
Occupational Certificate - Become a CompTIA Security+ Certified Security Professional
Occupational Certificate - Become a Certified Information Security Manager
DISN Video Services 
Video Teleconferencing Facilitator Certification
Airman Leadership School
Management Certification
Community College of the Air Force
Credits Earned: 49 Semester hours
Major: Audio Video Production, Visual Information 
Minor: Graphic Design
Department of Defense Information School (DINFOS)
Advanced Imagery Certification
Graphic Design Certification
Professional Publications
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) 
Staffing Papers
Information Papers
Records Management books
Earned a certificate of recognition from the White House for providing all AV/VTC services for Michelle Obama's communications team during her visit to Ramstein AB, Germany
Recognized by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force for continuous professional support of the USAFE Commander, GO level officers, Congressional and NATO members,
Was given 3 awards for recognition in the design of multiple graphics projects for the 7th CSC and 21st TSC
Received several awards by the Command Chiefs group for various graphics projects related to real world operations and unit accomplishments
US Army Civilian Service Medal for work as both the Public Affairs Officer and Visual Information Supervisor supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom
Two US Army achievement medals
43 Military coins for a variety of work, support and accomplishments