Rebuilding a 1980 Ibanez overdrive pedal (V6)
Ibanez OD-850 Version 6 Overdrive 1980 Japan s/n 130674 with "R" Logo in good condition and in full working order. It has no op-amp chip but it is fully loaded with silicon transistors. Aka Ibanez's Big Muff.​​​​​​​
Quote by Scarecrow Guitars, Texas
" This fuzz has a fat and open sound with lots of bloom. It sounds overloaded and very musical. It seems to have an extra underlying sweetness in the low mids that rounds out the sound and gives it a nice woolly feel. The tone gets almost three dimensional with broken chords and straight picked notes. I'm sure you've heard of the "wall of sound," well to me this is it.
Complete saturation, like a massive sonic bear hug, it is hard to escape.
What really sets this pedal apart from its not so distant cousins is the fact that it doesn't have the shrill top end that alot of big muffs can get at the upper end of the dial. It seems to reach a more organic state than most pedals of this style (If that could ever be said about a fuzz). It is a pedal that I immediately liked. It is a familiar sound that just seems to have more sweetness, and usability "
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