·         An artistic position in a dynamic environment where continued learning of multimedia related skills is                        encouraged and customer focus is key.
·         If accepted for the position, I will not need the companies’ assistance in acquiring the work visa.

Skills & Abilities
·         Experienced Operations Manager with 20+ Years in Graphic Design, Presentations, Audio Video equipment            setup and operations and Video Teleconferencing
·         Expert in the Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom as well as the Microsoft                Office Suite including Powerpoint, Excel and Publisher
·         Experience in Audio / Video editing with Premiere Pro, Flash and Audacity
·         Advanced level Production skills (photo & video camera operation for studio and field capture)
·         Advanced level of Postproduction skills (audiovisual editing, image editing, graphic design)

Visual Information Specialist — United States Department of Defense
Nov 2007 — Oct 2018
·         Provided Graphic Design, Presentations, Video Teleconferencing, Audio Video and Conference                    Room Operations, in support of the Commander of United States Air Forces in Europe and Africa
·         Provide direct graphics, multimedia and presentation support for US military Generals, Senior NATO                          Officers  and Global Dignitaries
·         Developed online courseware products for the US Army Reserve Training Command
·         Lead Visual Information Specialist, providing all graphics, audio visual products, multimedia services and                photography required by the installation and tenant organizations at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant.
·         Shot over 2,500 Photographs covering base operations, VIP tours, ceremonies and equipment at the                        McAlester Army Ammunition Plant.
·         Senior Visual Information Manager in Balad, Iraq, Oversaw all multimedia and graphic projects to include                the online information portal for the Brigade Headquarters. Also operated in a combat camera role and as a            Public Affairs Officer
·         Developed comprehensive command public information, media relations and community relations                            programs to convey information and policy concerning AFSB to soldiers, Department of Defense civilians                and contractors serving the Brigade Headquarters

Operations Manager — Visual Aids Electronics
Apr 2007 — Nov 2007
·         Managed the setup, operations and layout of large-scale audio/video productions for trade shows, social                  events and VIP speaking engagements
·         Trained new employees in creating set designs, repair and operation of various audio/video equipment

Visual Information Specialist — United States Army / Air Force
Oct 1995 — Apr 2011
·         Lead multimedia designer at Langley Air Force Base, duties included graphics design, photography, video                editing, presentations, and video teleconferencing.
·         Shift leader for video editing team in Balad, Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom
·         Provided multimedia projects for the Air Combat Command Commander, and the Pentagon.
·         Shift leader of the base Regimental Tactical Operations Center at Hohenfels, Germany, controlling over 250              troops during each training cycle and directly involved in training over 2250 military personnel
·         Operation of sophisticated audio visual equipment to include video and audio recorders, microphones, and              switchers, digital and analog audio systems used in development of online course-training materials.
·         Built a sustainable and updatable online portal for Public Affairs and Visual Information offices to aid all in-              country and external personnel to find current operations information.

Penn Foster — Associates Degree in Graphic Design
Dec 2016 — Dec 2018
Current GPA – 3.57

Community College of the Air Force — Some College Coursework
49 Semester Hours 
Major: Audio Video Production, Visual Information 
Minor: Graphic Design 

·         Department of Defense Information School — Visual Information Certification
·         Department of Defense Information School — Advanced Image Editing
·         Level 1 Video-Teleconference course —Certification
·         Level 2 DISA Video-Teleconference course —Certification

Professional Publications:
·         Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Visual Information
·         Staffing Papers
·         Information Papers
·         Records Management books

Basic Knowledge:
·         HTML
·         Actionscript

References upon request
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